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I’ve made a class including static & dynamics methods (say myWonderfulTool.h), that I want to use in all my other .m files without having to always call the syntax :[code= »c# »]#include « myWonderfulTool.h »[/code]

This is very simple to do.

For every project you get a « .pch » file. For example if your project is called « MyProject », then you’ve got a file name « MyProject.pch »

All you have to do is to add the include preprocessor command into this .pch file[code= »c# »]#include « myWonderfulTool.h »[/code]

After doing that, all your other sources will have access to your methods.

Note : in the current version of XCode 4 (version 4.2 while writing this article), it seems that the autocompletion and the color syntaxing is buggy when working with methods & definitions added by the .pch file… Hope it’ll be fixed in a future version, because it worked fine in the previous (before 4.0) version of XCode.


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